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  • The Western Wall
  • Sunrise at Masada. Like it? We need to get up at 4am
  • Flowers Blooming by Megido

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Welcome to my website: Oren's Way… My name is Oren Solell. I was born in 1960, am married to my wonderful (and successful…) wife, and we have three children that are much better than me Smile 32...

Short intro:

The following happened several decades ago. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise, and the ground shook. I opened my eyes and saw magical lights, heard glass tinkling and felt intense cold. I realized that I was experiencing a celestial revelation. Immediately afterward, I heard a mighty voice from above calling my name over and over again, and felt my body being shaken. I opened my eyes and saw my father standing over me and telling me that my blanket had slipped off and we were about to land. The stewardess collected the tray with the noisy glasses, and when I put on my glasses – I realized that the magical lights I had seen were the runway lights. This all happened back in 1974, and I had indeed had a revelation. It may not have involved thunder, flame and pillars of smoke. The earth may not have shook, and the world not ceased to turn, but for the first time in my life – I was in the U.S. and had my first encounter with luxury vans. It was then I realized that there are forces beyond my control directing and destining me towards the greatest of tasks: driving a pampering luxury van, transporting guests, and touring Israel. Before I could say Jack Robinson, barely 40 years have elapsed, and voilà that's what I do today, but I do it my way – Oren’s Way.