My Way with business People

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The approach and attitude towards businesspeople is totally different from dealing with the average tourist. Not that I don’t respect tourists, but the pressures, limitations, meetings and telephone calls, Blackberry messages and other factors that impact activities – I am well acquainted with all of these, and “steer” tours according to them.

These factors also impact on service to customers that employ me as a personal driver during their business trips to Israel. I am aware of changes to schedules, time pressures, the need for unscheduled waiting, picking up documents from point A when the guest is at point B, picking up additional guests and many other variables that require us to be flexible and efficient.

All these factors, that are only part of a workday, are clear and comprehensible to me, and I am very patient and try to adjust myself, the route, as well as anything else I can do to improve and enhance visits by businesspeople.

In addition, I have “connections” with other service providers, such as VIP services at Ben Gurion airport, that include waiting for guests before they set foot outside the plane, and accompanying the guests through Passport Control and Baggage Claim - until I greet them by the car, and then take them to their hotel or directly to a meeting. I have access to all types of vehicles, such as luxury cars, vans, minibuses and large buses – all according to the required specifications and needs.

Another small detail – I am meticulous about the cleanliness of the car, and smoking is strictly forbidden. Smoking is bad for our health, leaves a nasty odor and also its residue spoils the driving experience for the next guest. The same is true of cleanliness: the car is always clean and fresh smelling.


"A picture is worth a thousand words" refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. But what if we have so many good words? Following are some of those kind good words I was told that were transformed into writing by my guests.

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Business Service

A non smoking car, appropriate dress code, to be on time and have a lot of patience and flexibility while maintaining full discretion is the basis for my Personal Business Service. my personal business background is what completes my service to the best available.

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Christian Tours

The Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Beit Lechem and the Banias are only few of the sites that we will visit trying to explore the land in the footsteps of Jesus. Special emphasis will be given if the tour is Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox or one that includes all the sites.

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Jewish Tours

Tours concentrated on the Jewish heritage and history. We’ll visit the holy places such as Jerusalem and Safed, and less known places such as Beit She’Arim, Guvrin Caves. We’ll visit & taste Kosher wineries and delights, and attend festivities when applicable.

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