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About Me

Who Am I?

Welcome to my website: Oren’s Way… My name is Oren Solell. I was born in 1960, am married to my wonderful (and successful…) wife, and we have three children that are much better than me…

The following happened several decades ago. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise, and the ground shook. I opened my eyes and saw a magical light, heard glass tinkling and felt intense cold. I realized that I was experiencing a celestial revelation. Immediately afterward, I heard a mighty voice from above calling my name over and over again, and felt my body being shaken. I opened my eyes and saw my father standing over me and telling me that my blanket had slipped off and we were about to land. The stewardess collected the tray with the noisy glasses, and when I put on my glasses – I realized that the magical lights I had seen were the runway lights. This all happened back in 1974, and I had indeed had a revelation. It may not have involved thunder, flame and pillars of smoke. The earth may not have shook, and the world not ceased to turn, but for the first time in my life – I was in the U.S. and had my first encounter with luxury vans. It was then I realized that there are forces beyond my control directing and destining me towards the greatest od tasks: driving a pampering luxury van, transporting guests, and touring Israel. Before I could say Jack Robinson, barely 40 years have elapsed, and viola’ that’s what I do today, but I do it my way – Oren’s Way.

Over the years from that “revelation” to the present day, I have acquired experience in numerous roles, from administration and computers to senior management, including negotiations and contacts with business people from Japan, the US and Europe. This experience has provided me with an understanding of the needs and requirement of business people. So while I had guests from overseas and focused on business management – I cultivated personal ties with suppliers / guests from overseas, and would often travel with them and drive them around the country, while my small dream of turning this into my main activity grew into bigger dream.

In July 2009 I was officially certified as a licensed guide by the Ministry of Tourism – and if frequent traveler miles were awarded for all the kilometers I have accumulated on the road in Israel, I could have taken my entire family to the Caribbean – First class.

My Way

How is my way different from other tour guides with numerous years of experience? Many wise people have tried to answer this question yet very few have succeeded. The main difference is attitude. I don’t try to teach my guests, and don’t test their ability to absorb information. I just ensure that their visit to Israel is a memorable experience. That’s the difference! An experience instead of a history or archeology lesson… of course, when and where it is relevant and pertinent, we’ll discuss history, archeological findings, as well as events. But my way – as part of the experience, not as a study tour. Why? Because it is boring. And if you and I are bored – we don’t enjoy the experience. A visit to Israel should be an experience with unique memories that inspires guests to return to Israel, and not a study tour. We will visit interesting sites, but will embellish and season it with stops at an interesting winery where we can taste cheese and wine, or we’ll rise to see the sunrise in Masada at 4:00 AM with a hot cup of coffee in our hands, and we’ll even make a special detour to an out-of-the-way alleyway in Abu Gosh to taste the wonderful, original Abu Gosh humus. 

My approach is informal – I recommend comfortable clothes, don’t adhere to a fixed route (although I recommend a basic plan), am happy when asked questions, and am very flexible and open to changes. Yet I except my guests to blend in with the spirit of the various sites, for instance wearing suitable clothes in religious sites, proper dress in restaurants, and the like… and most of all – respect for others, respect for the environment and preserving the cleanliness of the vehicle and all the sites we visit. 


Tour Types

As I indicated, I work on a small scale. In other words, I use private cars or vans for up to six guests. I do not work with buses or groups. The tours are planned for businesspeople and/or families, with an emphasis on religion, a specific region or according to the guests’ schedules. By schedules I mean the free days or even hours a businessperson has between meetings, during which he or she wants a reviving and invigorating break. 

For more details, please click on the type of tour that interests you. 

Level of Service

I take great care to be courteous, properly dressed, clean, keep the car clean, and do not permit smoking in the car and sites where it is prohibited. I respect tour sites, and particularly religious sites, avoid friction, try not to bore guests with too much information, details, date, names, etc., but make an effort to visit locations that are important to my guests (even if they are far away) and answer any question and fulfill any desire or request. 

During summer, there will always be a cold drink in the car, and in the wintertime, we’ll stop for coffee (or cocoa for the kids), and if possible, we’ll make fresh, hot Salep (Sachlab) on a mountaintop, with rosewater, coconut flakes and nuts. 

As I said, I never rush people and am always open for change. Therefore, during every tour (with predefined route), I prepare a schedule that helps me keep time and helps you understand the implications of any change. When you want to stay a while longer in an amazing location, it is always at the expanse of another destination. So the schedule helps you decide and understand the consequences of these schedule changes. 

Service I Offer

  • Tour throughout Israel, according to religion, ages, in short – tours that are customized to the character, needs and desires of my guests.
  • Pick up and transportation to Ben Gurion airport, including VIP services.
  • Transportation between hotels.
  • Drives to various destinations that are not tour drives.
  • Driving services on a daily basis or for any period of time (the service includes driving, waiting, and assistance as required).


In June 2018 I purchased a new Volkswagen Multivan. An outstanding car with all the luxury you can desire. It runs smooth, it is comfortable, it is extremely exclusive so can be used for tourism and for your business meetings as well. 2 side electric doors, 2 captain seats for passengers, 3 more seats in back row, split (high power) air conditioning, great stereo, input for your mp3 player, and of course – I use Waze as my navigation system (or simply – GPS).
Seriously – what can you ask more?
Oh, you’re right: It doesn’t make coffee!

Important Notes

  • I am great believer in respect for others.
  • I ask all my guests to keep the car clean, as well as respect all the sites we visit.
  • I respect the law and ask all my guests to do as well – wear seatbelts, walk along marked paths only, etc. 

Planning Your Up Coming Tour

I wrote, you read – but if we don’t start working on our plan – I won’t make a living and you won’t enjoy service of the highest standard. Therefore, when it comes time to plan your next visit – please try to think of all the details that will help me prepare the ultimate tour plan and route. To facilitate planning, I have prepared a Preparation Questionnaire for your visit, that will you articulate your needs and desires.