Oren's Way

Oren's Way


Day Tours

Day Tours along the coast

After leaving your hotel, we start to drive up north along the coast and our first stop will be the ancient Roman town Caesarea. Here we will explore the town that was built by King Herods as a port name after Cesar, and walk through ruins from his time, the Byzantines, The Arab and the Crusaders.

I know, it could be very confusing, but I will give you a special time table of the periods in our region to simplify your understanding.

We continue to Haifa to an amazing view from the top of the Carmel Mountain and right above the Baha’i Gardens and continue further North to Akko, or Acre as the ti is written in ancient scripts.

Akko is a magnificent Full Crusader town with hidden rooms and tunnels. I truly love this place.

When one travels in town, you can feel the full life of the people who fought here one thousand years ago in the name of the holy Cross.

The mix of Crusaders building mixed with Ottoman building is fascinating and the local Arab Market completes the special sensation of sights and smell of fresh sea food.

Our day is not over yet, and we continue further north to the Northern place on the Israeli map – Rosh Hanikra Grottos where we will see the story of bridges and wars from the Independence time of Israel and walk through the Grottos that were formed millions of years ago.

Well.. This was a long day. You are granted a permission to close your eyes on our way back to Tel Aviv or watch the sunset on your right over the Mediterranean Sea.

Nighty night everybody .

This day tour will take 9 hours and will start and end in Tel Aviv.

“Thank you soooooooo much again for everything. We had an amazing time exploring Israel 100% thanks to you. It was an amazing experience. We will definitely come back.”

Day Tours to Jerusalem

We’ll start our tour with a magnificent view from the Mount of Olives overlooking the Old City. This is a great place to understand the sequence of how Jerusalem was built from the time Of Kind David until now.
We then continue towards the Old city itself while making a stop to visit The Last Supper Room and the Dormition Abbey, Mary’s place of final rest.
We continue and enter the Old city and make our way to the Western Wall through the Armenian Quarter and the Jewish Quarter.

When I have enough time in advance, I book the Western Wall Tunnels Tour to walk under the Muslim quarter by the foundations of the hidden part of the Western Wall. The tour ends at the beginning of the Via Dolorosa which leads us to the Holly Sepulchre, the site Were Jesus was crucified, berried and resurrected.
In large, this sums up our visit of the Old City and on our way back to the car, we enjoy the shops & sites of Arab Bazar.
To complete our experience of the city, we make a “switch” and go to Machane Yehuda market – the lovely and lively fresh produce market, to enjoy the sounds, smells and sites.
I enjoy very much to add to this visit a small tasting tour, while “hopping” from one vender to another to taste the local bread, special delights, local cheese and other unique food to Israel.
Of course the tasting food is not what going to keep you going, and along the way we will find the best dining places which will suite each group of my guests.
Can’t wait to start… so call me soon .

This day tour will take 9 hours and will start and end in Tel Aviv Or Jerusalem.