Oren's Way

Oren's Way



California Dreaming

“Oren, we had such a beautiful time with you. It must have been a “coincidence” that you ended up being our guide, because you very much were meant to be the one to teach us about the holiest place in the world. Other than giving me a heart attack on the road to the Dead Sea, you were fantastic! 😜🤣
But I complain about my husband’s driving too, so don’t take it personally. 😂😂😂
We all four will be sure to put a great review for you on trip advisor. But more so, we look forward to meeting with you again and bringing some other special people in our life!
Thank you thank you for a great experience! 🙏🏼❤️”

July 2023, the Perez & Handel families, California, USA

Mother & Son Tour

“Many thanks for the wonderful time we had visiting different places. Trevor and I really enjoyed our time.”

June 2023, Myrrene & Trevor Lamoglia, Abu Dhabi

Ola From Puerto Rico

“Beautiful 😊.
Thank you soooooooo much again for everything. We had an amazing time exploring Israel 100% thanks to you. It was an amazing experience.
We will definitely come back.”

June 2023, The Hernandez family, Puerto Rico

Best Friends Cruising

May 2023, Becker & Feder, Long Island, NY, USA

The Best Exhausting Guide

“Oren, thank you so much for showing us your beautiful country. We’ve had the most amazing trip. It exceeded all of our expectations. You are an amazing guide. I feel like we just said goodbye to an old friend. You are the best.
Thank you,
Bennett Grossman”

“Oren, thank you so much for our amazing trip – this was the trip of a lifetime and only makes me want to return to Israel – hopefully with our children one day! Come to New York and we will be your tour guides!! We will miss you, with love ,
Wendy Grossman”

“Thank you Oren for arranging a vacation filled with many once in a lifetime experiences. Our time spent with you was fun, informative, and exhausting. Your expertise as a tour guide allowed us to see Israel not just as a country but as a place to make friends and memories. Our one large regret is that we had to leave early. We can now say we have a friend who lives in Israel.
You can stop paying people off to say that they are the best – we are now convinced you are the BEST.
Robert and Janet Bertner”

May 2023, Grossman and Bertner, Long Island, NY

A Taste Of Jerusalem

“Hi Oren, thank you so much for the very kind message. We had such a fun day, we can’t stop smiling. We will reccommed you to everyone we know, and we will definitely be seeing you again soon!”

May, 2023, The Rogoff’s, NYC, NY

Paul And The Gang

“On behalf of our group, we thank you for showing us around. Is an eye opener for us. If I come back, I will call you for sure. Hope you are not retire by then. In the meantime, I will recommend you to all my friends who want to come to Israel. Cheers!😁”

May 2023 Paul Ling, Toronto, Canada

Celebrating 75 Years To Israel

May 2023, Jill & Bury Sukoff, New Jersey, NY

Mother Plus 5

“Oren you were amazing. To say thank you would not do it justice but thank you for teaching and treating my family like family. It’s been an amazing week and my best trip to Israel ever. Zachary wants to live here. So I guess you’ve done something right!
Thanks again for being you.
Hopefully next year in Jerusalem with Oren!”

March 2023, The Grossberg Family, Scarsdale, NY, USA

The Oren Crew

“Thank you so much for an unforgettable trip to the beautiful country of Israel. In the words of ChatGPT:

Dear Oren, our guide so kind,
A true gem, so rare to find,
Thank you for showing us Israel so fine,
We’re grateful for the memories you helped us define.

We explored the sights, old and new,
And all the while, you smiled so true,
Even when we were tired and cranky too,
You handled our craziness with grace anew.

Your humor and knowledge were truly grand,
You helped us all understand,
The beauty of this land,
As we roamed its beaches and its sand.

For two weeks, you were a part of our family,
And we cherished your presence, quite happily,
You made our journey so much more,
With your kindness, grace, and the love you bore.

So thank you, Oren, for all you did,
We hope these words make it clear and amid,
That you’re an amazing guide, so full of heart,
And we’re grateful for the role you played from the start.”

March 2023, The Sobol Bar Mitzvah, New York, USA

Memorable Trip To Israel

“Oren, we wish to thank you for making our recent trip to Israel very memorable. I would gladly recommend you to friends who are planning to visit Israel.”

December 2022, Sanford M Schwartz NYC, USA

From NYC To Israel

“Oren: thank you for the nice very nice note, for the amazing tour, for your patience and expertise and for all the food and treats, and for the beautiful souvenir. We will treasure it forever.
This was an amazing trip and we owe it all to you. Thanks again for everything.
Hope to see you either in Ny or back in Tel Aviv one day.
Thanks again.”

December 2022, Maurice & Lindsay & Family, NYC, USA

The Sisters

“It was so great to meet you! Thank you very much for a great day. We will be sure to call you again when we are back in Israel next time 😊 See you soon!”

August 2022, The Ginsburgs, USA

Congrats Grandpa!

“Thank you Oren, we had a great day and it was a pleasure to meet you. Congrats Grandpa!”

July 2022, The Wolfs, NYC, USA

Priviliged To Have As Our Guide

That is a lovely message and in keeping with what we know about you Hilarious!
We felt privileged to have you as our guide and get to know you.
We genuinely enjoyed and learned so much.
Your recommendations have been so helpful and fun too.”

July 2022, Perri & Sean, Miami, USA

A Wonderful Time

“Thank you Oren. You were a wonderful guide from start to finish. I thank you for Showing me your beautiful country and taking such good care to make sure I was having a wonderful time!! Everything was amazing. I’m sure I will sleep like a baby tonight on the plane. Hope to see you again soon! And wishing you all the best with your upcoming role as a grandparent!! 😍”

June 2022, Debbie Werner, NYC, USA

We Hit The Jackpot

“Oren, it was an honor to have you as our guide. As I said, we hit the jackpot having you and with all jackpots it is another honor to split that wealth with you. We know a lot of people back home (many Jews) and if we ever hear of anyone planning a trip, it is you who we will tell to call for your royal guideship.
Hopefully we will meet again. If u ever come to the states, please reach out to us.”

June 2022, Jeremy & Michelle, Maryland, USA