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Oren's Way


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Mitzvah Tour (I just found a way without getting into the issue male or female…), is only a summary of repetitions of the Haphtarah and blessing that you repeated and memorized throughout the past year, but also an opportunity to see what and why we celebrate. Understand how we got to this special event and the importance of its existence as well as all Jewish customs – over the years, and to see and understand how we worked, we fought, we were hit but always survived for the right to be free people in our land, and uphold and carry out our Jewish customs.

You can invite all the guests to a beautiful hotel in Jerusalem, to the La’Alot L’Torah at the Western Wall, invite to a stunning dinner, get all the gifts (preferably checks), and there is another way:

Of course, I do not doubt the importance of having a ceremony by the Wall, but I value (much more) the importance to travel and explore the country and see heritage sites and meet the people and place – to visit a kibbutz, visit Old Nitzanim and to honor the women warriors of the War of Independence, to hear new immigrants (already with us for over 20 years) on how and why they decided to leave their family, their warm home, their country – and get here to start all over again (a bit like the story of the sacrifice of Isaac, right?), visit the sources of our water, to see and hear the amazing story of our soldiers brave battles at Valley of Tears in the Golan Heights, and also to open up for the “other”: to see and visit Christian sites to understand why and know how to merge with the Jewish community, and… Even the things that “clice’” like climbing Masada at four in the morning and see the sunrise behind the mountains of Jordan.

Most tours include a wide range of ages, that the families and the grandparents want to be part of “the package” and not just to finance the trip… so, I will design and plan your trip in the most optimal and together find the plan to give everyone pleasure and personal satisfaction from this visit this special.

So all tha’s left, is to contact me and start planning. By the way, I do not want to “put pressure”, but the sooner we start to plan – the better the outcome. (And I do have guests that started planning a year before the date of the trip). In addition, it will save a lot of money to spare for special events, water sports, 4X4 trips, etc… A final note: some sites like the Western Wall tunnels, Yad Vashem, special 4X4 tours at the Golan Heights or at Machtesh Ramon Crater previous reservation and sooner we start to plan – flexibility remains in our favor and we do not have to plan a trip subject to other’s schedules.

So go ahead and contact me… I’m sitting at the computer just waiting for email from you…

Oh… I forgot: Mazal Tov!