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Jewish Tours For Business People

Tours with Jewish themes customized for businesspeople – usually a few hours long, or a single day. Most of the tours focus on Jerusalem, on the north – between Beit Sha’arim and Safed, and on the south – the Dead Sea and Masada.

Jerusalem has from time immemorial been the foundation of the existence of the Jewish people, and later Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem was “ours” for a short period following our victory over the Greeks, and “returned” to us as a united city only after the Six Day War in 1967.

We will get to know Jerusalem throughout its historical periods, including the main road leading to it from Jaffa, with explanations about the battles, casualties and visits of VIPs throughout history along this road. We will visit all the important First and Second Temple period sites, and will not forsake later periods, including sites that are important to us to today, such as the Knesset and the Supreme Court building. If you promise to behave, I will consider taking you to Rahamo – one of Jerusalem’s home cooking Jewish cuisine, but you must behave!

Galilee and Northern Israel – the country’s green region is the site of numerous holy sites, from burial caves in which Rabbi Judah Hanasi is buried in Beit Sha’arim, through his city of Zipori… and from there we will continue, via Tiberius, to Katzrin and Gamla. Katzrin and Gamla are situated in the Golan Heights, and during our visit to this area we’ll learn about the region’s much-discussed strategic importance, and of course such a visit would not be complete without visits to the renowned, award-winning wineries in the Galilee and Golan, and a taste of the wonderful Galilee cuisine. This doesn’t mean that I am not intending to visit Caesarea, Haifa and Rosh Hanikra. I just simply thought that it was so obvious…

For those who prefer a southern tour – we will head to Masada, and on the way visit Qumran and take a dip in the Dead Sea. We can, of course, continue westward to the Negev and the Machteshim (craters), visit Ben Gurion’s cabin and visit some Nabataean sites – all according to the business schedule.

No matter where we go – we can treat ourselves with a great massage, special dinner catered outside, or in candle lighted cave, or even accompanied by a small orchestra… maybe a singer, a magician, trampoline, outdoor games… oops! – that was my son’s birthday list…

Humanity, in its attempts to triumph over nature, has set the ability to fly as a goal. I haven’t grown wings, as yet, but for people whose time is very short and pockets very deep – I can organize an excursion that combines an aerial tour, with cars waiting at the various sites along the route, so as to make optimal use of the time business guests have.

The sites described above are just a drop in the bucket of the wide variety of options and sites, and the tour plan will be finalized according to your instructions and wishes. As I indicated in the home page – I don’t view my work as a mission to take you to see all the sites, or as many as humanly possible.

My real mission is much simpler: I want you to enjoy and return home with a big smile on your face

“Thank you soooooooo much again for everything. We had an amazing time exploring Israel 100% thanks to you. It was an amazing experience. We will definitely come back.”

Jewish Tours For Families

In the Jewish tours for businesspeople page, I gave several examples and indicated that tours usually range from several hours to a few days. Family geared tours are no different from the point of view of sites, but differ in the time devoted to the sites and their suitability for specific families. Some families prefer to focus on visits to archeological sites, synagogues, biblical burial sites, while other families seek a calmer, stress-free tour, with pleasant stops and tastes throughout the route, without any specific goal.

I have no agenda. My agenda is for you to be pleased, so our tour can focus on the Second Temple period, or the Galilee and Golan Heights, or it can be an inclusive, sweeping tour from the north, through the center, and down to Eilat. You decide – I execute.

I am not a travel agency, but if you need recommendations about interesting places to stay, instead of boring hotels – I will be happy to recommend some. A breathtaking villas in the Galilee in the middle of an orchard or next to a cowshed, or a room with an amazing view in Rosh Pina, or a secluded corner of the Negev desert. And not only accommodations: in Israel, we eat all the time! We have so much to offer… and not only Humus . We have charming locations with scenery, meat restaurants in the Golan Heights, and secluded locations in the Negev offering vegetarian food. You can treat yourself to Sachlab in the winter, Malabi with rosewater in the summer, watermelon with salted cheese on the beach, and steaming Humus and lentil soup when it’s freezing… and that’s just for starters.

Family tours, by definition, include children and teenagers, and this requires a lot of patience and understanding. Things that interest Mom and Dad do not necessarily interest teenagers or a six year old (the ages of my own kids). So I say it straight out: it’s OK to forego boring sites, it’s great to stay longer at fun sites and continue to swim in a stream, or stay two more hours at the Zimmer because the kids are having a blast in the pool. And it’s just fine to set out tomorrow at ten, because the teenagers hate to wake up at 7:30 in order to set out after breakfast. I’m familiar with this, accept its lovingly, and change the plans for the rest of the day when necessary