Oren's Way

Oren's Way



7 Days, 6 People, 5 Stars

“Our family of six spent 7 days being guided by Oren across the top half of Israel. As well as an extraordinary depth of knowledge, Oren had the rare ability to quickly assess our family’s needs and expectations, and pace our itinerary accordingly. He also took us to wonderful locations off the tourist radar, and was an absolute pleasure to deal with and accompany our family at all times. By the end of our tour, our children looked forward to seeing him each morning. We cannot recommend him highly enough.”

January 2014, Roxanne Dunkle, Australia

Family Tour

“Hi Oren,
Thanks so much for sending the photos!
We are still traveling so will get a chance to look at them when we get home. I’m sure they will be great!
Thanks again for everything. We all had a wonderful trip!
Warm regards.”

December 2013, Lauren Nossel, Scarsdale, NY, USA

High Tech

“We hired Oren guiding services for one-day trip to Jerusalem for our guest from the US who came to visit our high-tech business.
It was excellent and exactly what needed after a long week of meetings. Oren knew how to do the right combination that many other guides we’ve worked with lacks – on the one hand to take us to places of interest who fascinate all who come to Jerusalem for the first time, and on the other to give us the needed “space” with our guests from abroad so we can use the time to deepen our relationships with our customers and not only deepening their knowledge of history.
All was “flowing” exactly as we asked, while showing flexibility and utmost professionalism.
Thank you!”

December 2013, Iron Source, Omer, Tel Aviv

R & R

“Thanks so much for taking us on a trip of a lifetime. We were completely blown away.
Will have to do it again if we get lucky enough to return.
Best regards,

November 2013, Robert Inshaw – Australia & Richard Williams – New Zealand

Just What We Wanted

“Hi Oren,
Just looking at all the great pictures you and David took and reliving our wonderful trip. Deciding to have a tour guide was the best decision we made and feel very fortunate that it turn out to be you! You made Israel come alive and took us to places we didn’t expect to see. Ww loved the archeological aspects of the tour – just what we wanted to learn about.
We miss you already!!
Joab and David”

October 2013, Joan & David, New York, USA

Amazing Experience

“My family and I have been in Israel for several days now and I couldn’t even wait to get home to write this review.
I can’t say enough about how wonderful our tour guide Oren Solell was and how much he truly enriched our trip. Oren put our needs and expectations paramount above all else and did everything he could to make our experience in Israel an amazing one.
He was always on time (if not early). Polite, funny, and tremendously informative and effective in seeking out and giving us all the history and relative contemporary information about our requested sites and destinations. He would take us anywhere we wanted to go and advised us cautiously if he thought it was not on our best interest to go to certain places (only for our safety).
This is my first trip to Israel and I can honestly say this has been the trip of a lifetime and Oren has been one of the main contributing factors to this unforgettable experience.
Thank you Oren and Rent-a-Guide for hiring such an amazing tour guide”.

June 2013, Simon, New Rochelle, New York, USA.

First Time Working with Oren

“I am so glad Oren was my tour guide for my first trip to Israel. He was proactive in learning limitations of the various sites we wanted to visit so that we could plan our day and see everything we wanted to see.
He made everything seem seamless, so we didn’t have to worry about tons of little things. Hos knowledge of history colored with his personal experiences kept us engaged.
Overall, this let to a very enjoyable tour.
Thanks again.”

March 2013, Brian Gold, USA

Third Time Working with Oren

“This is my third trip to Israel and my third time working with Oren. He is an amazing driver and tour guide – very knowledgeable and super flexible. I recommend him to all of my friends and family traveling to Israel.”

March 2013, Howie, CT, USA


“Toda Oren! Our whirlwind tour through Israel with you has been breathtaking! See you in 9 days my friend”

December 2012, Sherrie Russ Levine, USA

Thank You For Your Cooperation

“Thanks much for all your help”

December 2012, The Elkins, USA

From Mabat Tour Operator:
“After the end of our busy December, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your excellent professional service, dedication, patience and your capability to solve problems on hand throughout your guiding period.
You played a major part in the success of the tour and I see you as an alliance in promoting Israel as a main tourist destination, and Mabat as a renowned service provider.
Looking forward to our future cooperation and to a prosperous year in tourism”.

Zeev Gerstein, David Bellin and all the Mabat Staff.

The Girls

“Hi Oren,
Arrived in New York awaiting flight to Chicago. Thank you for all you did. We enjoyed your expertise and will certainly pass your name along to others. Wishing you much fun with Mike this week.”

November 2012, Janet Blum, USA

Kind People

“Hi Oren,
Marianne and I visited Israel in September 2012. We visited with you Jerusalem, North Israel and Tel Aviv.
We felt soon after meeting you that we have known you for a long time. Marianne and I enjoyed your company and learnt a lot about the past and the present of Israel. You were open minded about what to see and took into account our interest. In addition to the general schedule you had in mind, you changed it to make the visit more interesting and meaningful. Your comments about history, current affairs and politics were fascinating. One cannot compare a private tour to a group and we are so glad that we participated in a private tour and in particular in your tour.
There is a lo to see in Israel and we saw a small part only. Should we return to Israel – and we hope we will – we will contact you and organize a tour with you.
I sent you photos and if you would like any more photos about what we saw in Israel or other places we visited please let me know.
We are happy to provide reference about your tour should someone require it.
In turn we wish you and your family a peaceful, healthy and happy 2013.
Peter and Marianne”.

September 2012, Peter and Marianne, Australia

Business opportunity

“Dear Oren,
I enjoyed our trip very much and look forward to our business cooperation.
All my best,

July 2012. Darren, Ireland

The Choi’s

Thank you so much for being so patient with my family and showing us around in Israel. We were so fortunate to get to know you and hope to see you soon.
Extra thank you for very late and very early ride to airport!
From “sleepy” Choi family”.

June 2012, Choi Family, USA

From top to bottom

“Dear Oren,
As I adjust to the time difference and get settled back in NY, I reflect on the last two weeks.
The trip was absolutely amazing. This having been my first trip to Israel, it was everything I had anticipated and more.
Your expertise, knowledge and experience was informative, enlightening and made the trip not only enjoyable but fabulous.
Your kind manner made it easy to spend two weeks touring with you. I cannot thank you enough for taking me to the 9/11 memorial (which I had no knowledge of). It was moving and comforting at the same time. To know that Israel has acknowledge an American loss after all that the Israeli’s have lived through is amazing.
This was truly a trip of a lifetime. One that has left me yearning to come back.
If you ever find yourself in NY, please let me know so that I can show you our wonderful city.
Again thanks.”

May 2012, Susan Spits, New York, USA